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Share your experience and let your voice be heard

Share your experience and let your voice be heard

Dr Magno Stefano - skin surgeon.

Practicing medicine for more than 25 years

Eneo is a really powerful facial treatment, I really believe that this device is revolutionary in terms of facial treatments.

Dr Magno Stefano

Graduated in Medicine at Catholic University of Rome in 1998, presenting the paper: “Sentinel lymph node biopsy in breast cancer”.

Specialty in general surgery achieved in 2005, presenting the work “Excision margin status and local recurrence in the conservative treatment of breast cancer”.

Since 1995, clinical practice in General Surgery first as student and then as a resident; from 2005 on, surgeon in the Breast Surgery Unit of Catholic University of Rome, particularly focused in clinical and scientific aspects of oncology.
He has performed more than 1.100 surgical interventions (680 as first operator); among them, over 350 breast procedures.

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Avologi Scientific
Average rating:  
 88 reviews
 by Kandice Camp

I was helped by Charlie, while shopping in the Bahamas. He was amazing at helping me with my needs and hearing what my concerns are. Even with just the few minutes he did to show me how the machine works, I could see a difference. I am excited to see the results!
Thank you Charlie

 by Patricia
Excellent service

I purchased in Ohno HI from Francesco at LA JOLIE. We were initially helped by Liz. The demonstration was super and I saw a difference in m face and neck just after 20 minutes.

 by Jay H

We had a problem with our machine. I contacted Stephanie. She was fantastic. She handled our situation beautifully and replaced the item very quickly. thank you Stephane, Jay H

 by Kelly Jo Stevens
Karen L. Ft.Lauderdale Los Olsas Blvd.

I have to say that Miss Karen L. At your Fort Lauderdale,Florida store was simply amazing during the whole sell.She has quite the personality and showed great people skills.My friend Peggy and I went in this store after having a terrible day and attitudes.We left feeling like we had just bought a fantastic product and definently will be back Karen was absolutely great with us from the minute we walked in.And I will be back to your store guaranteed!And I hope you know the great sales woman you have working for you.Thank you Miss Kelly Jo Stevens from Tulsa,Oklahoma 9186175742

 by Jackie
Better than BOTOX

i love this brand, ever since i came a cross these devices i have fallen head over heals in love, its so professional, so scientific and the evidence is on my skin and i see it every day and so do my friends and family.

 by William Weldon
Best birthday gift

I purchased Avologi devices for my wife as a birthday gift. I was a bit hesitant since I was not sure if they would work well on her skin. Surprisingly, the products worked for her, and she looks more beautiful than before. She is now a number one customer of Avologi products.

 by Megan M.
Corrects years of skin damage

For many years I have spent much money trying to look young and eliminate wrinkles. Unfortunately, no product satisfied me. I learned about Avologi brand through a friend a few months ago and bought one of their devices. For the few months I have used it, I can confidently say that it is worth every penny. My skin looks so good and youthful. I have a feeling that this device will treat my mother’s skin problems.

 by Lily Kark
Awesome stuff

This staff is awesome! I purchased an Avologi device last summer, and my looks changed completely. The fine lines along the eye region and the wrinkles on my forehead started to disappear after using it for two weeks. I have never had such beautiful skin in a while. One of the Avologi devices will be my birthday present for my mother.

 by Shila P
Phenomenal results

Have been using rigorously for the past 12 weeks and I love Avologi and my skin loves it.

I have really focused on the wrinkles surrounding my mouth and eyes and both have drastically been reduced. Highly recommended.

 by Rachael J.
Quality brand

I purchased Eneo advanced device from Avologi brand, and everything about my skin changed for the better. My skin feels smooth; it is free from aging signs and looks healthy. I think this is what any woman who is struggling with aging skin needs. It is just amazing.

 by Aaliyah Claire
Best customer service

Avologi brand is different right from the high-quality devices to the best customer care services offered. I was given clear instructions on how to use the device after purchase. I call them occasionally for clarification, and they respond very politely. Its two years now and my skin looks much better than before.

 by Evelyn L.
One of a kind

I picked an Avologi device randomly from a store without any idea of whether it would do my skin any good. Fortunately, it worked so perfectly for me. My skin is firm and pores on my face are less visible. I do not think this device can compare to any other that i used before.

 by Kaitlyn B.
Best skin care brand

Avologi devices have been my companion for a while now, and I have no complaints. They serve as promised and give excellent results. My glowing and wrinkle-less skin gives me the confidence to face clients every day.

 by Sarah Jameson
Noticeable outcomes

I initially thought that using the Avologi device was something difficult until I realized it was so simple. Besides ease in treatment, the device gives excellent results within a short period. I have used it for only three and a half months, and my skin has changed noticeably. I do not think I will stop using this product any time soon.

 by Rebecca Grace
Specially rejuvenates skin

The Avologi device specially rejuvenates skin. Even after using more expensive brands, I find this one unique. My skin feels smooth and is free of fine lines and pores. I plan on introducing it to my friends.

 by Mya Alina
Transforms skin

I used Avologi devices for the first time in a Spa three years ago. I loved how it transformed my skin and thought of purchasing one for home treatment. It is so easy to use and gives long-lasting results. Thanks to Avologi, my other beauty products work better since they are readily absorbed into the skin.

 by Anna Charmaine
Offers thrilling outcomes

At 40, my skin looked older than my real age. I decided to use Eneo jewelry edition, and the outcome was thrilling. My skin looks younger and is free from wrinkles and annoying pores. Recently I have tried Eneo eye concentrator, and it has not disappointed as well. Avologi devices have become part of me.

 by Julia Josephine
Tightens skin

What I love most about the Avologi device is that its results are long lasting. After every treatment, i am always eager to see a more beautiful skin. This device tightens sagging skin and minimizes the appearance of aging signs sooner than anyone would expect. I am totally in love with this brand.

 by Morgan G.
Exceptional brand

I purchased a Renefil Advanced Kit by Avologi a few months ago. This brand is exceptional, and the device delivers just like their advert promises. I have researched on their other devices, and I plan on trying one soon. I believe it will work correctly with my skin.

 by Diana Emily
Gives an even skin tone

I enjoy my skin treatment moments with Avologi devices. I have used both Eneo Advanced and Renefil Advanced; they both worked well with my skin. My skin feels smooth and has an even tone. I highly recommend Avologi products.

 by Anelia F.
Top notch products

This brand offers high-quality products that every lady needs. Almost all my workmates use Avologi devices. Their price is affordable and works well with all skin types. This is my best skin rejuvenating brand so far.

 by Caroline H.
Unique devices

I like the Avologi device. After using it for two weeks, my skin had changed entirely. The wrinkles I had struggled to combat for many years started to disappear. I have used two devices from this brand, and they are both exceptional. It is the best skin care product so far.

 by Jada Grace
Makes me look younger

What more could a woman ask for than a youthful skin at 50? The Avologi device is the best deal when trying to do away with aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines. I am 52, but most people think that I am in my 30’s. All ladies should choose Avologi devices.

 by Molly Damaris
Great products

This company makes good stuff! I have been using Avologi devices on my skin for long enough to testify that they are the best in the market. I had struggled for long trying to tighten my skin, but after using their device, everything changed. My skin is firm and youthful.

 by Ellah Thring
Ease in treatment

I purchased the Avologi device to get rid of aging signs on my neck and face. This device is easy to use and very comfortable. I also noticed that my other skin care products are working better since they are quickly absorbed into the skin.

 by Katie Abby
Treats hyperpigmentation

Nothing gives me a headache like hyperpigmentation. Good thing Avologi devices have helped me treat my skin. I have used their device for nine months without any complaints. I love my healthy skin and looking forward to even better and long-lasting results. Avologi is just awesome.

 by Karen H.
No adverse effects

I cannot recall the last time I worried about pore and aging skin, thanks to Avologi products. I have used several of their devices for three years now with no adverse effect. I have also introduced the devices to a number of my friends, and they love it too. Avologi brand is one of a kind.

 by Jadyn R.
Clears expression lines

I have been looking for something to clear my expression lines on my skin. I was a bit skeptical when purchasing an Avologi device, but it proved me wrong. I can now smile confidently in my rejuvenated skin.

 by Claire Betty
Advert does not lie

For six years I searched for an anti-aging device that would help me deal with pores, wrinkles, and fine lines. Then suddenly I came across an advert for Avologi devices. It has been one year now, and everything worked out just like the advert promised. I have used three of their devices, and none ever disappointed me.

 by Kyra B.
All weather skincare devices

My job entails much traveling, and my skin was affected by the change of climate. I discovered that the easiest way to maintain a beautiful and youthful skin is treatment using Avologi devices. I am happy now that I can face my clients with more confidence.

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