Beauty Talk with MRS. UNIVERSE

AN ALL-BEAUTY EXCLUSIVE WITH Mrs. Universe Sabrina Pinion

So excited to have been introduced to the Avologi collection.

Anti-aging products and devices that actually work in the privacy and leisure of your own home, are such an incredible gift. I completely understand the success of this company and why it has been providing luxury brand esthetic products for so long…they are simply the best.

These are such high-end medical devices that make skin look and feel rejuvenated.

Thank you Avologi for helping me change the quality of my skin for the better.

You have great skin!  Over the years, we’ve realized here at Avologi that such great skin depends on having some pretty good habits. What are yours?

I feel that it is extremely important to have a nightly and morning skin care regimen that you do not skip.

Consistency is key in all things. 

Also what you put in your body comes out via your skin…so I have always had pretty rigid dietary/nutritional habits.

Hydration is so very important for your body’s elimination process and this of course is vital for your skin as well. I am a vegetarian and I have a consistent workout and fitness schedule daily. Also even on those days when you do not wear make-up, it is still important to protect your skin from environmental pollutants and also to cleanse and hydrate prior to sleep.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

I splash cold water on my face, feed my 5 rescue cats, drink 8 ounces of room temperature water have my coffee, fruit, and protein shake.

What is the best beauty advice you have ever been given?

Growing up on the east coast and frequently spending summers on the beach, our mother always stressed the importance of protecting our face from the effects of the sun. I still wear a hat always and typically will cover my face completely if enjoying the sun.   

What is your nighttime skin care routine?

Both for morning and night, I have a set routine of particular products designated for AM- PM.

Obviously always cleanse and hydrate and try to get good restful sleep which also includes avoiding high-fat, sugary foods prior to bed.

What is your favorite part of your beauty routine?

The simple process of my face wash removes the makeup and environmental pollution that accumulates on our face during the course of a day.

As a leading beauty brand, we know every woman has her DO’s and DON’T’s when it comes to keeping her skin looking great. What are yours?

DO stick with the skin care routine and prescription you know works for you….also give products at least 3-6 weeks before you give up on seeing potential positive changes in your skin. 


I think far too often we as women look for, a quick forever fix when it comes to anti-aging and weight loss…this is not the way it works with most things, especially our bodies…

You select a new habit and then practice that habit and you will see positive results if you in fact comply with professional instructions and directives…

Is there anything you’d never try on your skin? Why?

If guided by a trusted professional with a record of success based on medical and scientific knowledge, I am open to new and alternative options for skin care and anti-aging devices.

However I do not hop around looking for the next quick fix or what’s on trend. I am old school, less is often more and I listen and take advice from the pros. I am a tough sale and must see results of others to believe in products and skin care. The more longevity a company or brand has, the more I trust that companies products. That is why I am a believer in Avologi…They have the science, longevity and results.

Did you change your beauty routine in the past years?

My regimen has changed…as our bodies change physiologically through the decades of our lives, so does our skin…

We are organisms that evolve and change constantly. 

“The only constant in life is change”.

Do you have any beauty icons?

My icon would have been my grandmother. Not famous however, I spent so much of my time with her when I was growing up and she set the standard for so many things in my life, including beauty, skincare, and make-up. 

I will never ever forget watching her every night with her basket of products and how she diligently cleansed and hydrated her skin …she never went to bed without completing her routine.

She always continued the process the next morning before applying her makeup. 

She taught me the importance of skin and body care by example and by providing me with the first products I ever used on my skin.  I never saw my grandmother leave home without her lipstick and to this day, I am always wearing lipstick or gloss before I walk out the door.

What is your latest beauty discovery? Avologi!!!

I am beyond excited to see all the incredible changes in my skin and slowing the process of aging. Looking forward to sharing my progress with everyone and hopefully sharing the opportunity for other women to experience this luxury medical-grade anti-aging skin care and device for themselves.  

With love, Mrs. Universe USA Sabrina Pinion

Are you worried about age?

As a woman who is extremely honest, I do not focus so much on my age, however I do think about aging and how I hope to age with beauty and grace.

Gracefully but not without a fight!

Having been a professional model for decades, I have always been a little tougher on myself than maybe the average person. Fortunately, we live in an era where the advances in technology have given all women the access to feeling and looking her BEST …

I believe feeling younger is vital to exuding a younger-looking and more confident self.

One of my mantras:

“Embrace first the beauty within and then the outward will be personified”.