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An advanced body shaping formula created using beneficial, natural quality ingredients to help firm your skin as you lose the weight. Full of antioxidants and Vitamins such as Vitamin E, A and C our formula assists your body burn fat while limiting cellulite appearance & strengthening your skin for a youthful look. Get slimmer looking waist, hips, butt, arms, and legs with our fat busting cream.



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Weight Loss and body contouring is a never-ending journey for most people, but it doesn’t have to be. The most accessible way for you to achieve the body you want, is right at your fingertips. One of the secrets to youthful looking contoured body lies in this innovative development. The Avologi Fat busting & body shaping cream was created especially to treat the appearance of cellulite and works best when combined with Luminice. Crafted with two of most potent known ingredients proven to combat the appearance of cellulite: caffeine and retinol. Application: Massage daily onto the requested area, wet fingers and massage into the skin. Leave on for 5 minutes and wash away with warm water. Treating with Luminice: after applying the Luminice age defying gel onto the treatment area, apply fat busting & body sculpting lifting cream on top, use Luminice as instructed. During use the Fat busting & body Shaping Cream will emulsify helping to eliminate the appearance of fat cells. Use Luminice as instructed.
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Avologi Fat Busting body sculpting lifting cream
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