Eneo Eye Concentrator


A innovative, professional,  light therapy treatment device that provides improvements with long-lasting results. This non-invasive, tested, dermatologist-recommended device, changes the way anti-aging treatments have been performed for the past 15 years.

This unique technology gives you  long-lasting results helping to treat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Eneo - FDA Cleared Eneo - Recommended by Dermatologist  Eneo - Powered by Heat & LED Light Technology

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Before You Start

Clean the skin around the eyes with plain water or in case you wear make-up, use a delicate make up remover that is designated to the skin around the eyes, once done- dry your skin.


Apply the Eneo eye concentrator on dry skin while applying mild pressure, glide the Eneo eye concentrator in small circular motions from bottom to top, treat the area for 4 minutes. You may apply an approved for use eye serum prior to the treatment.
Finish your treatment with applying an eye cream on the treated areas after each session.


Activate your warranty by registering your product within 10 days of purchase. Eneo Eye Concentrator includes a lifetime limited warranty.

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Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
Average rating:  
 52 reviews
 by Amanda Nelson
Wonderful value!

Two years ago, my eyes started to show minimal aging signs, especially fine lines and loose skin and by the time I was buying Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator, I had serious wrinkles and saggy under eye skin. Amazingly, after using the device twice a day for three weeks, my skin improved greatly. Everyone could notice that the wrinkles and puffiness had reduced. One year down the line, people mistake me for my younger sister.

 by Michelle Baker
It works so good!

It doesn’t irritate my eyes. In fact, I feel so good while it’s rolling on my skin and after treatment. I don’t understand why people go for invasive procedures to eradicate eye puffiness and crow’s feet. Maybe they aren’t aware of Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator and that’s why I’ll be recommending it to anyone who seems to need it.

 by Claris
Positive change

I can see a positive change in my skin complexion around my eyes. Over the past couple of month i bhave been working tirelessly and my sleep deprivation started showing under my eyes. The dark circles were affecting my confidence and so I decided to buy this eye concentrator. I am thankful i did, because this device has reduced those dark spots and my eyes look just much bigger, and much better.

 by Carol Carter
Absolutely amazing

From how it feels while on my skin to getting my skin radiant and smooth in just a few weeks, this device is absolutely amazing. If I were to buy a product for my eyes again, I’d buy it again without a second thought.

 by Melissa Gonzalez
Love it

Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator is easy to use, requiring just a little pressure to make it work as intended. Besides, it fits perfectly in my bag, and that’s very important because I can carry it along wherever I go. Most importantly, it works. I love and strongly recommend it to any woman out there with eye puffiness and/or fine lines/wrinkles.

 by Ashley Green
My beauty partner!

I don’t want to imagine how old I’d be looking were it not for Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator. It’s the magic behind my youthful looking eyes despite my age (49 years).

 by Abigail Davis
My self-esteem is restored

I was a perfectionist until the time I noted fine lines forming on my eye area and nearly gave up on getting rid of them as all the products I used weren’t helpful. It’s recently when a friend asked me to try this device and I did so. I can now walk with my head held high as the lines are almost invisible.

 by Gloria Brown
It’s worth the price

I bought Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator as the last option since all other products that I had previously used for crow’s feed reduction were just draining my pocket with nothing much to show. To my surprise, my skin started to show improvement within the second week of using this device. It’s worth the price.

 by Kimberly Turner
Very effective

Finally, I can step out without any concealer around my eyes, something that I couldn’t confidently do 3 months ago. Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator has been of great help in my quest to reclaim my youthful look by brightening the areas under my eyes and reducing puffiness. I’d fully recommend it to anyone dealing with puffiness and dark circles under their eyes.

 by Mitchell Adams
I like the way it feels and works

I can’t wait to go home in a few hours and experience the awesome sensation of this device. The warmth is very soothing and relaxing. My skin becomes more radiant with less fine lines day by day over the period I’ve been using this device.

 by Diana Anderson
Excellent for my sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, you understand how daunting it is to find a product that will go well with it. That was my experience, but things changed when I discovered Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator. With it, my skin gets better day by day.

 by Brittany Taylor
My dark spots are nearly unnoticeable!

My under eye skin developed dark spots as a result of cigarette smoking, but initially, I didn’t care much about it because I was dealing with a depressing situation. When I got over it, I realized that I needed to look good again and bought this device for the removal of the spots. Although they haven’t disappeared completely, they are nearly unnoticeable, courtesy of Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator.

 by Lori Harris
Radiant eyes in two months

As a result of the nature of my job, I have had dark circles on my face. The cream I got for the spots was effective but excessively strong for the eye area. So, I had to get an eye area product and after asking around for recommendations, this device came on top of the list. After using it for two months, the areas look more radiant with less visible spots.

 by Jane Martin
My skin has improved

My previously wrinkled and puffy skin is firm and smooth and it’s not easy to spot the wrinkles, yet I have used Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator for a short time (about a month). I’m optimistic that the wrinkles will disappear completely with time.

 by Denise Wilson
Perfect home under-eye therapy

No more frequent salon visits for under-eye skin therapy! This device gives more than what my therapist used to offer and eventually, I have managed to save a significant amount of bucks.

 by Rose Miller
An easy-to-use with great results

Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator is easy to use as its application doesn’t need a lot of pressure and it doesn’t require any extra accessory for it to work. Just plug in, glide and wait to feel and see great results.

 by Natalie Madison
Can’t trade it for anything

Nothing can smoothen and tighten the skin around my eyes better than Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator. It’s one of the best things that have happened to me this year. I can’t trade it for anything else. If you want a perfect, radiant and firm eye area with no visible lines, this device is the best solution.

 by Emily Phillips
It’s phenomenal!

I have never come across another product that reduces eye puffiness and skin discoloration in less than a month. I have witnessed a huge difference in my under eye regions within the few months that I have been using it. I would recommend it to a friend.

 by Donna Roberts
A huge relief

My relatively sensitive eyes react to nearly all the eye skin care products I try but not to Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator. I have used it for two weeks, twice per day (in the morning and evening) and there’s no instance my eyes have ever felt irritated. I have finally found my perfect match!

 by Judy Clark

The effect of Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator keeps my under eyes refreshed all day long. Besides, I’m delighted because the fine lines have faded away and the skin is tighter. My colleagues have been telling me that I look younger and the mirror confirms it. What else can I ask for from an eye area anti-aging solution?

 by Grace Thompson
Just started but very optimistic

Today is the third day of using this device and although I’m yet to see a difference, the transformation it made on my friend’s skin makes me confidence that it’ll also give me the results I desire. Can’t wait to come here soon with some good news. I’m very optimistic.

 by Julia Martinez
Unregrettable purchase

Although parting with $3,900 for a cosmetic device is quite a big deal to me as my income is minimal, I don’t regret buying Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator. It has done what other skin products couldn’t do. I will keep on recommending it to other people with eye area aging issues like conspicuous crow’s feet and eyelid folds.

 by Tiffany Smith
Reduced wrinkle lines

Most of the wrinkle lines below and at the sides of my eyes are remarkably less visible, yet I have applied Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator for only two weeks. At that pace, I think they’ll disappear completely if I use the device consistently for at least six months. It truly works!

 by Amber White
It works

I’m a testimony that Eneo Eye Concentrator indeed works. You hardly believe that I had very visible wrinkles and fine lines before I began to apply the device. However, you should make sure that your face is clean and make-up free before you glide the device on your face for the best results.

 by Alexis Johnson
Fully satisfied

I have every reason to say that I’m fully contented with the value Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator offers. First, it is easy to use. I just glide it on the affected area for about four minutes and the feeling is amazing. Within a week of using it, the visibility dark circles under my eyes had already begun to reduce.

 by Marilyn Thomas

I lack words to describe Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator. What can you say about something that has made your eyes look young and radiant again after over years of using many different eye area skin care products to reduce puffiness and wrinkles without success? It’s simply incredible!

 by Marie K.
I really like it

From its warm feel to crow’s feet reduction effect, I like everything about Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator. Besides, the price is worth, considering the benefits the device offers.

 by Beverly Jones

My work requires me to be outdoors and so, it’s inevitable to experience direct sunlight exposure. Initially, I hated the job as my skin, especially under the eyes, developed dark spots as a result of sunlight exposure. Fortunately, I later came to know about this device which I carry along wherever I go for under eye treatment after a long day at work. It has really improved my eye area skin. I highly recommend it.

 by Danielle Jackson
Great from the start

From the very first time I used Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator, I was convinced it’s a device that would give me the results I wanted. The skin sensation while applying it and after use is extremely refreshing and awesome. The discoloration around my eyes has reduced in a great way from the time I started using the device.

 by Hen Kim
Can notice skin around my eyes is tighter

I got eneo eye for Christmas after having facial treatments at a clinic, mostly due to the outrageous price the clinic charges.

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