Eneo Eye Concentrator


An innovative,  safe and effective light therapy treatment, designed to provide incredible anti-aging benefits such as rejuvenation, tightening, and strengthening of the delicate under eye skin, suitable all skin tones and types.

Clinically proven to diminish the appearance of periorbital wrinkles, fine lines and the appearance of skin discoloration. See youthful-looking skin around your eyes in as little as three weeks with the ENEO eye concentrator.
Designed to perfection, using premium materials; the 24 karat applicator tip, along with cutting edge technologies utilizing preset-integrated fractional light energy, helps stimulate collagen production by sending targeted beams of infrared light – where collagen and elastin form.
This noninvasive, safe, clinically tested, dermatologist recommended device, ensures sustainable skin rejuvenation results with minimum effort, zero side effects and no allergies.

Eneo - FDA Cleared Eneo - Recommended by Dermatologist Eneo - Clinically Tested Eneo - Powered by Heat & LED Light Technology

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Treatment Features

  • Helps reduce wrinkles around the eyes
  • Helps reduce the appearance of skin discoloration around the eyes
  • Helps eliminate the appearance of fine lines in the very delicate sin around the eye
  • See results immediately after treatment
  • Good skin sensation during and after treatment, such as tightening, warming and skin softening
  • Long term anti aging benefits
  • No additional accessories required
  • Professional results at home use

Before You Start

Clean the skin around the eyes with plain water or in case you wear make-up, use a delicate make up remover that is designated to the skin around the eyes, once done- dry your skin.


Apply the Eneo eye concentrator on dry skin while applying mild pressure, glide the Eneo eye concentrator in small circular motions from bottom to top, treat the area for 4 minutes. You may apply an approved for use eye serum prior to the treatment.
Finish your treatment with applying an eye cream on the treated areas after each session.


Activate your warranty by registering your product within 10 days of purchase. Eneo Eye Concentrator includes a lifetime limited warranty.

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Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
Average rating:  
 34 reviews
by Claris on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
Positive change

I can see a positive change in my skin complexion around my eyes. Over the past couple of month i bhave been working tirelessly and my sleep deprivation started showing under my eyes. The dark circles were affecting my confidence and so I decided to buy this eye concentrator. I am thankful i did, because this device has reduced those dark spots and my eyes look just much bigger, and much better.

by Judy Clark on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator

The effect of Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator keeps my under eyes refreshed all day long. Besides, I’m delighted because the fine lines have faded away and the skin is tighter. My colleagues have been telling me that I look younger and the mirror confirms it. What else can I ask for from an eye area anti-aging solution?

by Grace Thompson on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
Just started but very optimistic

Today is the third day of using this device and although I’m yet to see a difference, the transformation it made on my friend’s skin makes me confidence that it’ll also give me the results I desire. Can’t wait to come here soon with some good news. I’m very optimistic.

by Julia Martinez on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
Unregrettable purchase

Although parting with $3,900 for a cosmetic device is quite a big deal to me as my income is minimal, I don’t regret buying Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator. It has done what other skin products couldn’t do. I will keep on recommending it to other people with eye area aging issues like conspicuous crow’s feet and eyelid folds.

by Tiffany Smith on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
Reduced wrinkle lines

Most of the wrinkle lines below and at the sides of my eyes are remarkably less visible, yet I have applied Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator for only two weeks. At that pace, I think they’ll disappear completely if I use the device consistently for at least six months. It truly works!

by Amber White on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
It works

I’m a testimony that Eneo Eye Concentrator indeed works. You hardly believe that I had very visible wrinkles and fine lines before I began to apply the device. However, you should make sure that your face is clean and make-up free before you glide the device on your face for the best results.

by Alexis Johnson on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
Fully satisfied

I have every reason to say that I’m fully contented with the value Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator offers. First, it is easy to use. I just glide it on the affected area for about four minutes and the feeling is amazing. Within a week of using it, the visibility dark circles under my eyes had already begun to reduce.

by Marilyn Thomas on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator

I lack words to describe Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator. What can you say about something that has made your eyes look young and radiant again after over years of using many different eye area skin care products to reduce puffiness and wrinkles without success? It’s simply incredible!

by Marie K. on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
I really like it

From its warm feel to crow’s feet reduction effect, I like everything about Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator. Besides, the price is worth, considering the benefits the device offers.

by Beverly Jones on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator

My work requires me to be outdoors and so, it’s inevitable to experience direct sunlight exposure. Initially, I hated the job as my skin, especially under the eyes, developed dark spots as a result of sunlight exposure. Fortunately, I later came to know about this device which I carry along wherever I go for under eye treatment after a long day at work. It has really improved my eye area skin. I highly recommend it.

by Danielle Jackson on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
Great from the start

From the very first time I used Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator, I was convinced it’s a device that would give me the results I wanted. The skin sensation while applying it and after use is extremely refreshing and awesome. The discoloration around my eyes has reduced in a great way from the time I started using the device.

by Hen Kim on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
Can notice skin around my eyes is tighter

I got eneo eye for Christmas after having facial treatments at a clinic, mostly due to the outrageous price the clinic charges.

by Karen Scott on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator

I recently bought this device after reading many positive reviews about it. it does not only have an out-of-this work sensation while gliding on my skin but also very effective in the reduction of dark circles around my eyes. I’m so proud of my new radiant eye look!

by Sandra Hernandez on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
Younger-looking eyes

I’m one person who is very concerned about my look. Unfortunately, just like nearly any other person, my adulthood has been characterized by tired eyes, but that’s now history, thanks to Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator. The skin around my eyes becomes firmer and more radiant with each use of this device.

by Barbara Rodriguez on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
Couldn’t be happier with the results

Having used Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator for about three months, I have experienced significant improvement in my eye region. The skin has become tighter and the fine lines that had started to develop have faded away. I’d recommend this device to someone unreservedly.

by Lisa Wright on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
Gentle on my skin

Considering that my skin is very sensitive, I’m very cautious about the skin products I use. Nevertheless, the salesperson who introduced me to Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator assured me that it is friendly on all skin types and I’ve come to confirm it. It’s very gentle on my skin and works wonders.

by Janice Robinson on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
Impressed with the results

I have been using Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator since last month but one and I’m truly impressed with the results. I can now step out with confidence knowing that the dark shadows under my eyes are almost invisible. Highly recommended!

by Betty Allen on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
Strongly recommended

Crow’s feet was a major concern to me until the time I discovered and started to use this device. Although the lines didn’t go away instantly, I have witnessed a remarkable improvement. I’d strongly recommend the device to anyone with a similar problem.

by Margaret Walker on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
The best eye-area skin product!

I nearly went for minor surgery to reverse the aging signs around my eyes, but just before I made up my mind about the idea, I bumped on this device. On the third week of using it, people who are close to me had already started to note a difference in the areas. Today marks the fourth month and I’m very amazed by the results so far.

by Dorothy Hill on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
Thankful for the product

Before Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator, I had used tens of products to remove my dark under-eye circles but none was as effective as this device. I always thank the minds behind its technology because it's revolutionary.

by Sarah Lewis on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
Great recommendation

Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator was recommended to me by one of my colleagues after she heard me ranting how I was bothered by my eye region’s discoloration and other aging signs. I ordered it the same day and received it in 2 days. I’m excited to report I look much younger, thanks to this device.

by Susan Lee on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
The best birthday gift ever!

I turned 50 last month and Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator happened to be one of the items in the gift hamper that my hubby spoilt me with on my big day. He told me that his sister convinced him to buy as it had worked wonders on her skin. Similarly, I’m happy because one month down the line, it has minimized puffiness around my eyes and as a result, I look a bit younger. Unlike some other eye products that I had previously tried, this device amazingly gentle on my skin.

by Jessica Young on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
I wish I started using it earlier

For a long time, about seven years, I used nearly all eye-area skin products to get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes. However, most of them were too costly to keep on buying for a long time. I’m very lucky for finding Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator at last as it is very cost-effective in the long run while the results are satisfactory.

by Nancy Lopez on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
The best deal

I’d advise anyone out there (especially an over 40 like me) looking for an eye area product that will reverse aging signs (wrinkles, fine lines, saggy skin and/or dark circles) to consider using this product. I have used it for a year and so, can confidently attest to its effectiveness.

by Sheila Reynolds on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
Immediate results

I first learned about this Avologi Eneo Eye concentrator from my work colleague – she could not shut up about it during her first week of ownership. All she kept saying was how great this device is. At first I did not pay attention but when I did I took a second look at her eye region, it was radiant than I had ever seen before from her. This device has jumped to the top of my purchase list.

by Blanche Smith on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator

The Avologi Eneo Eye concentrator is without a doubt my favorite skin care device. I love the sensation it gives me when treating my skin on the eye area. I can use it while lying on the bed or sitting in front of the television. The way it massages my skin helps relieve any stress or tension I had during the day.

by Hazel Gonzales on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator

I have used this Avologi Eneo Eye concentrator device for less than a week now and I can see a positive change in my skin complexion around the eye region. Over the past month, our firm has expanded exponentially. Unfortunately, I have been working tirelessly and my sleep deprivation started showing under my eyes. The dark circles were affecting my confidence and so I decided to buy this eye concentrator. I am thankful to Avologi because this device will reduce those dark spots. Now I can focus all my efforts on work instead of being overly self-conscious about my appearance.

by Ollie Mccormick on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
It takes me back to my younger days

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul but for me the eyes are the markers of a person’s age. I am 60 years old and once upon a time, you would think I was pushing 70 years due to the wrinkles and eye bags that had formed under my eyes. Fast forward two month later and now me and my friends (age mates) look like we are in our late 40s. This is all thanks to this Avologi Eneo Eye concentrator.

by Danielle Fuller on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator
Non- chemical. Finally!

I am extremely cautious about what I expose to my skin. For me, this under-eye therapy device was a dream come true because I do not trust skin care solutions. Before I purchased this device, I only used to apply natural solutions that I extracted myself like avocados, cucumbers, aloe vera and papaya. The results were okay but this device blows them out of the water when it comes to smoothening skin.

by Kim Nunez on Avologi Eneo Eye Concentrator

I recently learned that smoking cigarettes causes dark spots under eyes. My habit of smoking more than one cigarette pack resulted in profound dark spots under my eyes. I thought the results on my skin around the eye area were permanent but after using the Avologi Eneo Eye concentrator, most of the dark spots have reduced.

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