Avologi Eneo Advanced has been granted first place as the best new electrical product in the Pure Beauty Awards of 2018

And the prize goes to…. AVOLOGI

Avologi has taken the anti-aging home use device market by storm receiving world recognition and receiving 3 beauty awards.

The Avologi medical grade technology is suitable for all skin tones and is proven to transform your skin in a painless way with zero damage and with no downtime.
Our home use anti aging and wrinkle reducing devices are easy and simple to use, portable and painless.

Every year the Pure Beauty Awards recognize the finest, efficient, exhilarating and advanced products that have been launched in the beauty world in the past year. Winners are chosen by readers of Pure Beauty’s magazine who are true beauty specialists in the retail market that advertise daily use products to consumers for their everyday clients.

This year the beauty awards was held on October 25th at the Savoy hotel in London, UK.

The Avologi Eneo Advanced is an FDA cleared medical device which assists in overcoming the signs of aging. It is designed as a treatment for the face providing the skin instant and long-term results. This medical device is easy to use and a delight as it requires minimum effort, has zero side effects, and delivers an anti-aging solution at home.