Renelif Classic

Renelif Classic


A professional, FDA cleared anti-aging medical device that provides immediate, improvements with long lasting results.
Renelif Classic is clinically tested, and recommended by dermatologists as an anti-aging medical device. It may be used virtually on any area of the facial skin, such as crow’s feet, under the eyes, cheeks etc.
This unique technology perfectly combines dermal heat energy and light energy to safely reach and treat multiple skin layers.
The light and heat are precisely combined to help stimulate collagen, to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to improve overall skin texture.

See immediate improvements with long lasting results.
Renelif - FDA ClearedRenelif - Recommended by DermatologistRenelif - Clinically TestedRenelif - Powered by Heat & LED Light Technology



Treatment Features

  • Visible positive skin reaction immediately after treatment
  • Good skin sensation during and after the treatment, such as tightening, warming, and skin softening
  • A high end elegant hand-piece
  • No additional accessories required
  • Ease of treatment – can be performed while watching TV

What Areas Can Be Treated

This clinically tested and dermatologist recommended anti-aging device may be used virtually on any area of the facial skin, such as crow’s feet, under the eyes, cheeks etc.
Renelif is designed as a facial treatment, but it can also be used on the neck area.
Skin around the eyes can be treated with the Renelif and no safety goggles are required during treatment thanks to a unique feature with-in the Renelif allowing it to operate and emit energy only when in contact with the skin.

Before You Start

After cleansing and drying your skin, you may use the Renelif directly on the skin or you may apply a dedicated approved serum for use with the Renelif.
Apply the serum onto the entire face.

After treatment, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing cream on the treated skin areas.


  • Clean your skin with the help of a milk cleanser and skin toner.
    Dry your skin. Make sure that your skin is clean and dry before use
  • Connect the adapter plug and connect the Renelif to an electrical outlet
  • Press the power switch on the Renelif once and wait for the green light indicator to go on. The Renelif is now ready for use
  • A dedicated and approved serum may be applied to the skin before use. (the Renelif may be used directly onto clean dry skin, or with a dedicated approved serum)
  • Gently glide the Renelif with the metal part along your face, the led light will automatically turn on upon contact with your skin and the temperature will slowly increase.
    Apply light, gentle pressure while slowly moving the Renelif in circular movements along your skin.
  • Perform the treatment for 5 minutes on each area


Activate your warranty by registering your product within 10 days of purchase. Renelif Classic includes 2 years limited warranty.


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Average rating:  
 78 reviews
by Angie P. on RENELIF Classic

I’ve bought many devices this year but the top two are easily my juice blender and this Renelif Classic anti-aging device. Ever since my shift to a healthier living, I have seen a great improvement in my health and skin appearance. If you looking to completely change your skin appearance for the better, I recommend you purchase this Renelif device. I use this device every other day and the results on my skin have been monumental. Kudos Renelif and the Avologi family.

by Allison Lorraine on RENELIF Classic

I am an event planner and I spend a lot of time outdoors compared to a regular office worker. I don’t have to be outside but I am a perfectionist so I like to supervise my crew to ensure my clients get maximum value for their money. I love my job and being outdoors when others are slaving indoors is great but the harsh outside environment have given my skin a beating over the years. Luckily, one of the event hosts introduced me to the Renelif Classic device and after using the device for the last three months, my skin has benefitted greatly. Not only has my skin lightened up but is now tighter and looks how it looked before I took up this job.

by Miranda on RENELIF Classic

I have hyper sensitive skin and it requires specialized treatment. For most people, anything goes when it comes to skin treatments. My skin reacts badly to most skin care treatments until I bought the Renelif device. With this device, I no longer have to worry about my skin reacting badly with other skin care treatments.

by Rogers Yolanda on RENELIF Classic

How good is the Renelif device? I once caught my husband using it to relax. In my typical husband’s fashion, he denied using it until I caught him a few times again after that incident. But, after I explained that I don’t have a problem with him using it, he opened up to me and told me that he uses it for the great sensation it provides on his skin. He says it helps him relax and take his mind off stressful things.

by Joy O. on RENELIF Classic

I have personally not used this product but a friend of mine recommended it to me. Not to brag, but I’ve always had better skin than her but recently she’s taken that crown away from me. Apparently, she’s been using this device for the past two months. I’m currently saving up to purchase it.

by Lucille Ortega on RENELIF Classic

I am a 40-year old and my skin has aged considerably well for my age. However, before the Renelif device, I had to put a lot of effort in maintaining it. I like how it is gentle treating the sensitive areas on my skin.

by Lynda Lindsey on RENELIF Classic

Thank you Avologi for making the Renelif device a dream come true for me. This device has helped me build my confidence. It has gotten rid of all the blemishes on my face and neck.

by Ethel Robertson on RENELIF Classic

My husband bought me this Renelif Classic device as our 30th year anniversary. I am an old school girl and I like my lifestyle. I am not into trying out new things and technologies but this Renelif device has been a game changer for me. At 55 years old, the Renelif anti-aging device has become my favorite device.

by Rosemarie N. on RENELIF Classic

My! Oh! My!has this device been a revelation. I only started using it a month ago but the freckles on my skin have disappeared completely. Thanks Renelif.

by Lawson Lena on RENELIF Classic

I give the Renelif Classic device a 5 star out of 5 without batting an eye. I must admit that when I bought it, I had my reservations about it but after using it for a little over 3 months, my skin has improved 10 fold. The wrinkles, black spots and dead skin that had plagued my skin are now gone. I look 10 years younger and feel 20 years younger thanks to this anti-aging device from Avologi.

by Henrietta on RENELIF Classic

I love my skin so much, and that’s why I can spend anything to make my skin stay healthier. It’s out of this love that I kept looking for new skin care technology, and I’m glad that I met avologi Renelif Classic. This product offers amazing results and I, find it worth every cent I spent on it. My skin now stays vibrant and bright and I, only use this device thrice a week.

by Eva F. on RENELIF Classic

Renelif classic is the first product on the list of my arsenals. I used several skin care products before and none is comparable to renelif classic. The saggy skin under my eyes is no more. I now have a younger looking and tighter skin.

by Mabel Hodges on RENELIF Classic

I had a beautiful looking skin during my youth but wait until I kicked 40, my skin started developing wrinkles and fine lines which made me look 50. I was forced to start booking spa appointments, but this later became a burden because of tight work schedule. My friend told me about renelif classic, and so I decided to go for it. After two months of use, I couldn’t see any need to book these costly appointments anymore.

by Harris Elvira on RENELIF Classic

My job requires me to travel every two or three weeks and the travels take a toll on my skin. Maybe it’s the combination of the change of climate and the excessive jetlag but my skin has deteriorated from all the touring. Luckily, my colleague recommended the Renelif Classic and since I bought it a few months ago, my skin has never looked better.

by Florence on RENELIF Classic

My daughter is undergoing puberty and the area around her forehead is the most affected. Pimples are forming across her forehead and making her really self-conscious. After trying many skin creams and treatments, I can say that the Renelif device has been the most effective.

by Belinda on RENELIF Classic

I am always skeptical when it comes to new skin care technology. That’s why I didn’t buy Avologi - Renelif Classic immediately my daughter told me about it. I really regret why I didn’t buy it then. From the time I bought and started using this product, my skin have improved so much. My husband tells me that I look ten years younger. What’s more? It is also very easy for me to use it.

by Bridget Greer on RENELIF Classic

I am normally not one to write online reviews but I make an exception of this Renelif Classic device. I am ecstatic because it has eliminated all the blemishes from my skin. The wrinkle lines and large pores have disappeared all thanks to this device.

by Rita on RENELIF Classic

If you’re looking for a product that provides quick results, Renelif Classic is your best bet. I started using this device just four months ago and my workmates are now amazed with the results. All of them knew that I had tried many products over the recent years trying to correct my skin which was deteriorating each and every day but I had achieved nothing. But after using this product in such a short time, my skin is now rejuvenated with no more wrinkles.

by Ida W. on RENELIF Classic

Excellent results! Renelif classic is as efficient as it looks. If you want to have a younger looking skin, this is the device to go for. I love it!

by Salazar Ruby on RENELIF Classic

No one can tell how amazing Renelif Classic can be before using it. I bought the product online one and a half month ago and I can’t regret it. My skin is now softer and tighter!

by Alberta on RENELIF Classic

I didn’t know that Renelif Classic from avologi could make the wrinkles and fine lines on my forehead disappear within a period of just four months. I am now feeling younger with a firmer and smoother skin. I love the avologi fraternity for their innovativeness. Feeling great!

by Sophia G. on RENELIF Classic

My dermatologist actually recommended me to try this Renelif device and I must say she was spot on. My skin looks 20 years younger and feels brand new. I have been using the Renelif Classic device every two or three days for the last few months and so far I am loving the results. My skin not only appears lighter, but the wrinkles and the bags under my eyes have completely disappeared.

by Ebony Elliott on RENELIF Classic

I have been treating my face and my neck every day after work with Renelif Classic. I find this enjoyable because it is both easy and exciting for me to use it. My skin usually feels relaxed and refreshed after the day’s hard work. This electronic device is really worth every penny. I completely feel addicted to it.

by Mindy on RENELIF Classic

Renelif classic is a great product. I’m satisfied with the performance of the product after using it for 3 weeks. This device is simply worth every penny spent.

by Krystal S. on RENELIF Classic

. I’m almost 50 years old and my skin had started developing annoying fine lines and wrinkles. I desperately looked for skin care treatments that could reverse this annoying appearance. I spent a lot of my heard earned bucks on products that were full of promises but delivered nothing at the end. My sister recommended this product to me and so I decided to give it a try. I’m now amazed by the exciting results of Renelif Classic. Can’t stop using it.

by Alexandra C. on RENELIF Classic

I am that kind of a person who loves products which make someone feel good. From the time I started using the Renelif classic device; five weeks ago, I the now feel better and confident than ever before. The noticeable changes on my skin are exciting, and the feeling I experience is excellent. I’m glad that I met this product!

by May Cassandra on RENELIF Classic

I loved Avologi brand because of their friendly customer service and the kind of attention they accord to their clients. I contacted Avologi customer service after I bought their product asking them about the use of Renelif Classic and the way they handled my questions was above board. After following the instructions they gave, I realized amazing results within 6 weeks of use. Kudos avologi!

by Ella M. on RENELIF Classic

I love the portability of this device as much as I love the results it gives my skin after treatment. Being an elegant hand piece, I always carry the device wherever I go including vacations, job retreats, and so on. With renelif classic, I’m always sure that my skin will stay vibrant wherever I go.

by Bertha B. on RENELIF Classic

Renelif classic looks elegant and classy. But this is not as important as how the product rejuvenated my skin. I usually feel better every time I’m using it and I continue feeling the same even after use. I’m now completely hooked to this device.

by Garrett Ruth on RENELIF Classic

As someone who strives to look younger at 70, I have used several skin care products and devices to get rid of wrinkles over the past couple of years. Unlike other skin rejuvenating devices I have used, the Avologi device doesn’t require the use of safety goggles during treatment. This is because it only discharges energy only when it gets into contact with the skin. I find this feature very convenient and safe to use.

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