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RENELIF Advanced is the most advanced at-home, anti-aging device available.

This unique second-generation technology perfectly combines dermal heat energy and advanced targeted, preset-integrated fractional light energy to safely reach and treat the dermis skin layer to help regenerate collagen fibers.

Welcome to the luxury and convenience of anti-aging benefits at home – cleared by the FDA as a medical device RENELIF is small, smart and powerful.

A revolutionary, professional, FDA cleared anti-aging medical device that provides immediate improvements with long lasting results.

Renelif Advanced is clinically tested and recommended by dermatologists as an anti-aging device. It may be used virtually on any area of the facial skin, such as crow’s feet, under the eyes, cheeks etc.

The fractional light and heat are combined; resulting in stimulated collagen production.

RENELIF Advanced perfectly combines advanced technology of dermal heat and Deep Fractional Light to safely reach and treat multiple skin layers.
The light and heat are precisely combined to help stimulate collagen to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to improve overall skin texture.

The result is improved skin texture and tone with drastically reduced wrinkles, fine lines and pore size.

See immediate improvements with long lasting results.

The key to youthfulness in the palm of your hands.

Renelif - FDA Cleared Renelif - Recommended by Dermatologist Renelif - Clinically Tested Renelif - Powered by Heat & LED Light Technology

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Treatment Features

  • See results immediately after treatment
  • Good skin sensation during and after the treatment, such as tightening, warming, and skin softening
  • Wrinkle-less looking skin and improved skin texture
  • Professional results at home use
  • Long-term anti-aging benefits
  • A high end elegant hand-piece
  • No additional accessories required
  • Ease of treatment – can be performed while watching TV

What Areas Can Be Treated

This clinically tested and dermatologist recommended anti-aging device may be used virtually on any area of the facial skin, such as crow’s feet, under the eyes, cheeks etc.
Renelif is designed as a facial treatment, but it can also be used on the neck area.
Skin around the eyes can be treated with the Renelif and no safety goggles are required during treatment thanks to a unique feature with-in the Renelif allowing it to operate and emit energy only when in contact with the skin.

Before You Start

After cleansing and drying your skin, you may use the Renelif directly on the skin or you may apply a dedicated approved serum for use with the Renelif.
Apply the serum onto the entire face.

After treatment, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing cream on the treated skin areas.


  • Clean your skin with the help of a milk cleanser and skin toner.
    Dry your skin. Make sure that your skin is clean and dry before use
  • Connect the adapter plug and connect the Renelif to an electrical outlet
  • Press the power switch on the Renelif once and wait for the green light indicator to go on. The Renelif is now ready for use
  • A dedicated and approved serum may be applied to the skin before use. (the Renelif may be used directly onto clean dry skin, or with a dedicated approved serum)
  • Gently glide the Renelif with the metal part along your face, the led light will automatically turn on upon contact with your skin and the temperature will slowly increase
    Apply light, gentle pressure while slowly moving the Renelif in circular movements along your skin
  • Perform the treatment for 5 minutes on each area


Activate your warranty by registering your product within 10 days of purchase. Renelif Advanced includes a lifetime limited warranty.


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Average rating:  
 88 reviews
by Susie on RENELIF Advanced

I am always skeptical when it comes to the emerging new technologies. I love tested, conventional methods of treating my skin. However, when I visited my sister in New York and used her device, I was so surprised that I felt so good. Within a week of my stay there, My skin had started showing some improvements. That’s how my mind became completely changed and bought my own device after I came back to Canada. Can’t regret using it!

by Dora J. on RENELIF Advanced

Excellent! I am turning 50 years now and I have used many skin care treatments before but none of them worked so well like Renelif advanced. This device work instantly, all fine lines and wrinkles that had developed on my facial skin have faded completely. I’m now feeling younger and smoother than never before. Kudos Avologi!

by Ruth Watts on RENELIF Advanced

I came across Renelif advanced a few months ago when shopping, I bought it and waited to see if I’d get any noticeable results before writing a review. This device has truly improved my skin. My skin now looks better and has an excellent youthful glow. As a model, I can’t stop using this product.

by Larson Hope on RENELIF Advanced

Since I knew very little about skin rejuvenating devices, I hesitated to spend my money on a device I knew little about. My husband bought it to me as a gift during valentine. After using it for one month now, I can now say that this is the best gift he has ever bought for me. I now look much younger. What about the feelings? I always feel relaxed.

by Maria C. on RENELIF Advanced

Great! Great product! After using this elegant device for 4 weeks, I can confidently say yes, this is the product I was looking for. Renelif works as advertised, no need of additional accessories, no side effects, no hassle of booking appointments, no nothing! Excellent!

by Joyce Reeves on RENELIF Advanced

After using the Renelif device for a few weeks now, I am amazed by the outcomes. I have never thought that my skin would look such beautiful without plastic surgery. The annoying enlarged pores and aging lines on my skin are fading away so quickly. I will continue using Renelif for the days to come. I can now face my old age with confidence.

by Traci on RENELIF Advanced

I’m a joyful wife now. My husband doesn’t always comment on the appearance of my face because I think he didn’t want to discourage me. Sincerely, I had an awful facial appearance because I have an oily skin which was filled with black spots and freckles were all over my cheeks. After using this device for two months now, my husband gives me the confidence of waking up and facing the day by telling me how beautifully my skin have changed recently. I love renelif advanced!

by Johnny M. on RENELIF Advanced

I’m a happy man after buying Renelif advanced three weeks ago. Before, I was constantly using creams which were heavily advertised and promised to clear spots, and fine lines but they did nothing. It was just a complete waste of time and money. But wow! This device have started showing results within such a short time of use. I’M THANKFUL!

by Blair Tabitha on RENELIF Advanced

Waoh! I loved Avologi brand because of the nature of their customer service. I contacted their customer care executives with questions about using the Renelif advanced and their response was prompt and very friendly. They explained everything to me in a professional way making me feel so valued. The product performed wonders after following their guidance. Avologi will truly remain to be my brand.

by Francis Johnson on RENELIF Advanced

I love my skin and from the time I was in High school all the way through my 40s, I always had attractive skin. However, I am now turning 50 and my skin was quickly deteriorating. I had enlarged pores, saggy and wrinkled skin on my face. I love the day I met this device. After using it for a few months now, my skin has become better once again.

by Beatrice M. on RENELIF Advanced

I bought Renelif Advanced four weeks ago after doing a thorough online research. I am always very cautious when it comes to my skin and general wellbeing. Although, I am very selective, this Renelif advanced has been one of the best revelations to me. I use it every evening to treat my skin as I watch the news couch.. The wrinkles, pores, and spots on my skin are fading away. What a good product!

by Silvia M. on RENELIF Advanced

I owe my husband lots of love for buying me this device on our 23rd wedding anniversary. He told me that he bought it for me because he wanted to see my younger self to rekindle the memories of my looks during our first date. He and I are marveled by the improvement of my face, courtesy of the device.

by Clarke Joshua on RENELIF Advanced

I always feel so good and confident when I am sure that I look good. After using Renelif advanced for about three weeks now, I now feel much more confident. The outcomes on my skin are nothing short of excellent. My feelings after using this device is worth more than the dollars I splashed for it. My wife says that I look better than the day we first met six years ago.

by Dora N. on RENELIF Advanced

I tried using various products to restore the youthfulness of my facial skin, but some didn’t have any effect while others caused skin reactions. Fortunately, I met a friend who introduced me to RENELIF Advanced. With it, my skin is safe from reactions and looks better with every day of its use.

by Melanie on RENELIF Advanced

I noted instant results the moment I glided this device on my face for the first time. My face felt warm and refreshed. It is the kind of feeling I enjoy to date. Then, the wrinkles on my under-eye skin, around the mouth and on the upper forehead faded away significantly within three months of the use of this device.

by Marsh Hannah on RENELIF Advanced

My dermatologist was not wrong when he recommended this product to me. The good news is that my saggy, wrinkled skin has turned to a more even and smoother one. I also feel relaxed and renewed after a long day of work. That’s why I love using it as soon as I get home. Thanks to my skin care expert for the recommendation.

by Bobbie Fields on RENELIF Advanced

My world of beauty drastically changed from the moment this amazing device came into my life. It has taken my fight against wrinkles a notch higher, and the results are magnificent. My face appears smoother and softer than ever before. I can’t thank enough the great minds behind this innovation.

by Monica Nash on RENELIF Advanced

My experience with RENELIF Advanced feels like finding a water spring after getting lost in a desert and feeling thirsty for several days. I can’t wait to go home to experience the warmth and refreshing feeling that the device offers to my face. It is my all-time anti-aging appliance.

by Laverne Ingram on RENELIF Advanced

I like this device because it doesn’t have any adverse effect on my skin. Besides, with it, I can get super high-quality facial treatment just like that I would get from a spa session from the comfort of my home.

by Lydia on RENELIF Advanced

No other anti-aging product works better on my face than this ‘magic’ device. I find it very easy to use and carry around. It has helped me achieve a great milestone as far as my beauty is concerned for the last five months. It is a worthy buy.

by Patricia D. on RENELIF Advanced

I had a terrible skin which looked saggy, flaccid, and full of spots. I decided to try Renelif advanced and waoh! All this trouble is gone! This is an amazing product with amazing results.

by Carr Margie on RENELIF Advanced

I would highly recommend RENELIF Advanced to anyone with fine wrinkles or fine lines and wants to look younger, with a more even facial skin. I’ll be turning 48 years next month but many people who’ve seen me for the last one year think that I’m in my 30s. The device is the secret behind my youthful appearance.

by Mamie Fuller on RENELIF Advanced

Apart from many positive user reviews, the other thing that made me confident enough to buy RENELIF Advanced is its lifetime limited warranty. Three months after the purchase, I realized that the device was one of the best buying decisions that I’ve made since my face had improved tremendously.

by Jenny H. on RENELIF Advanced

I had considered a surgical intervention to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, but a friend suggested that I give this device a try. I have been using the appliance on my face for the last four months and had nothing to regret. In addition to forgoing the huge surgery costs, it has given me a long-lasting solution to my wrinkles.

by Angelica on RENELIF Advanced

Nothing makes a woman enhance her self-confidence than complements indicating that she looks beautiful. That has been my exact feeling since the day I started using this device on my face and neck. My once bulging and wrinkled skin is now tight with less visible wrinkles.

by Mckinney Gloria on RENELIF Advanced

Thank you guys for bringing us closer to this fantastic device. To start with, it has a beautiful design, bringing a new, lavish look to my makeup table. Secondly, its use doesn’t need me to apply rocket science; I just plug it into a power source, switch it on, wait for a green light indicator to appear and then glide it along with my face. The device gives me an incredible feeling on my face during and after use.

by Colleen on RENELIF Advanced

I wish I had known about this anti-aging device earlier than three weeks ago. Everything about it is fantastic; from its easy usability to instant results. I intend to buy it for my friend as a gift for her birthday. I’m certain she shall like it as well. I would recommend it to anyone else who treasures beauty.

by Lena H. on RENELIF Advanced

I bumped on RENELIF Advanced while on my regular shopping errands. A salesperson explained how it works as well as its benefits. A lady who was standing next to me overheard our conversation and also convinced me to buy it, citing her own experience with the device. Her skin appeared smooth and radiant; little did I know that I would look like her one day, thanks to the gadget. It has transformed my skin very much.

The manufacturer offers great products, but RENELIF Advanced beats them all, especially those that meant for reversing aging signs. Thirty minutes of massage using this device is enough to refresh my facial and neck skin. It has restored my youthful look to the extent I’ve never imagined of. It is a superb product.

by Freda Joseph on RENELIF Advanced

I enjoy using RENELIF Advanced because it is a breeze to use and gives me a soothing warm sensation. It has assisted me to keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay. I bought one for my mother, and she equally likes it. Both of us look younger with glowing faces.

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