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RENELIF Advanced is the most advanced at-home, anti-aging device available.

This unique second-generation technology perfectly combines dermal heat energy and advanced targeted, preset-integrated fractional light energy to safely reach and treat the dermis skin layer to help regenerate collagen fibers.

Welcome to the luxury and convenience of anti-aging benefits at home – cleared by the FDA as a medical device RENELIF is small, smart and powerful.

A revolutionary, professional, FDA cleared anti-aging medical device that provides immediate improvements with long lasting results.

Renelif Advanced is clinically tested and recommended by dermatologists as an anti-aging device. It may be used virtually on any area of the facial skin, such as crow’s feet, under the eyes, cheeks etc.

The fractional light and heat are combined; resulting in stimulated collagen production.

RENELIF Advanced perfectly combines advanced technology of dermal heat and Deep Fractional Light to safely reach and treat multiple skin layers.
The light and heat are precisely combined to help stimulate collagen to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to improve overall skin texture.

The result is improved skin texture and tone with drastically reduced wrinkles, fine lines and pore size.

See immediate improvements with long lasting results.

The key to youthfulness in the palm of your hands.

Renelif - FDA Cleared Renelif - Recommended by Dermatologist Renelif - Clinically Tested Renelif - Powered by Heat & LED Light Technology

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Treatment Features

  • See results immediately after treatment
  • Good skin sensation during and after the treatment, such as tightening, warming, and skin softening
  • Wrinkle-less looking skin and improved skin texture
  • Professional results at home use
  • Long-term anti-aging benefits
  • A high end elegant hand-piece
  • No additional accessories required
  • Ease of treatment – can be performed while watching TV

What Areas Can Be Treated

This clinically tested and dermatologist recommended anti-aging device may be used virtually on any area of the facial skin, such as crow’s feet, under the eyes, cheeks etc.
Renelif is designed as a facial treatment, but it can also be used on the neck area.
Skin around the eyes can be treated with the Renelif and no safety goggles are required during treatment thanks to a unique feature with-in the Renelif allowing it to operate and emit energy only when in contact with the skin.

Before You Start

After cleansing and drying your skin, you may use the Renelif directly on the skin or you may apply a dedicated approved serum for use with the Renelif.
Apply the serum onto the entire face.

After treatment, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing cream on the treated skin areas.


  • Clean your skin with the help of a milk cleanser and skin toner.
    Dry your skin. Make sure that your skin is clean and dry before use
  • Connect the adapter plug and connect the Renelif to an electrical outlet
  • Press the power switch on the Renelif once and wait for the green light indicator to go on. The Renelif is now ready for use
  • A dedicated and approved serum may be applied to the skin before use. (the Renelif may be used directly onto clean dry skin, or with a dedicated approved serum)
  • Gently glide the Renelif with the metal part along your face, the led light will automatically turn on upon contact with your skin and the temperature will slowly increase
    Apply light, gentle pressure while slowly moving the Renelif in circular movements along your skin
  • Perform the treatment for 5 minutes on each area


Activate your warranty by registering your product within 10 days of purchase. Renelif Advanced includes a lifetime limited warranty.


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 42 reviews
by Lucy H. on RENELIF Advanced

Renelif is a great anti-aging product. My skin was always saggy and the lines under my eyes were just excessive. Immediately I started using this machine however, my skin has improved tremendously. Thanks to Avologi.

by Joseph Simon on RENELIF Advanced

For an elegant and portable anti-aging machine, go for Renelif Advanced. This device is not only clinically tested, approved and recommended but it also gives results, positive and wonderful results. This should be the best anti-aging device ever!

by Chavez Loretta on RENELIF Advanced

I have spent a lot of money over the years going for skin treatments and buying beauty creams for my face. I have very sensitive skin. A few months ago my cousin told me about Renelif Advanced and said that I should try it. I purchased the machine without hesitation and since I started using it, I have had positive transformations on my face.

by Betsy Roy on RENELIF Advanced

I hear about this Renelif machine. I want to buy one for my mother, but why so expensive? My mother is old but I want her remain beautiful. I hear Renelif machine make people young and beautiful. How do I get one?”

by Ralph Ortiz on RENELIF Advanced

My wife runs a popular fashion house. So it goes without saying that she has to look good. She is almost turning 60 and the many years are clearly evident on her face. Every time she looks herself on the mirror, I can see the vibrance take off when she notices the wrinkles. Through my research on anti-aging tools and treatment, I came across Renelif advanced. I remembered reading some of its amazing reviews somewhere and so I immediately placed an order for my wife. I hope the machine is as good as they say because I long to see my wife’s vibrance and glow again.”

by Mendoza Beulah on RENELIF Advanced

I honestly love this new device! Not only does it work wonders, it is also an elegant hand piece. I can carry it with me everywhere I go, business trips and even on vacations. I am therefore sure to look good anytime.

by Lela M. on RENELIF Advanced

Personally I could not stand anything connected to electricity, especially if it was to be imposed on my body. Many of my friends kept praising this Renelif device and so I decided to place an order of my own too. However it became a problem using it because it uses electricity too. But every time I would look at my friends’ faces, I would be envious…Finally I decided to face my fear and guess what, Renelif was harmless after all. Plus I had been missing so many beauty benefits!

by Freda Shaw on RENELIF Advanced

I am a little of an attention seeker. I love getting attention. My work as a PR assistant for a famous musician involves interaction with a lot of people and press alike. I have to thank Avologi and the guys who manufactured the Renelif Advance because it is my secret superpower. This device ensures I always leave house with a healthy glow.

by Leigh on RENELIF Advanced

I am not much of an online shopper myself, but since my best friend introduced me to this incredible device, I vowed to have one of my own. Renelif Advanced is so awesome! Since I started using it, I feel good about myself, confident and more attractive. My skin texture has largely improved and my friends keep asking me why I glow every day.

by Pauline T. on RENELIF Advanced

I got my mom this incredible anti-aging device for her 50th birthday. Since then, she keeps saying that that is the best gift I have ever bought her. You see my mom was a flight attendant, so when she retired I thought about getting her something that would make her feel young. And I finally found it. My mom and Renelif Advanced have been inseparable since she laid her hands on it. Her happiness is my joy, and I am glad that Renelif makes her happy.

by Karla Marshall on RENELIF Advanced

Renelif Advanced has really boosted my confidence. I can now mingle and socialize with people because Renelif makes me look good. What I love more about Renelif Advanced is that I can use at the comfort of my home.

by Angelina on RENELIF Advanced

I recently upgraded from the first generation of Renelif to this newer Renelif Advanced. Ever since the upgrade, my work colleagues have been complimenting me left, right and center. They've asked me where I vacation and what my secret to perfect skin is.I am so grateful that I own this device and can use it frequently as I want.

by Hilda M. on RENELIF Advanced

I have been saving for the longest time for this anti-aging device. It is very expensive but I do not regret spending my long-term savings on it. I heard about Renelif from my work colleague. I had noticed something new about her face. She looked younger and pretty that even I could not stop staring. So I had to ask, and she told me about this Renelif Advanced. Eventually when I got one of my own, I told my work colleague to watch out because we would be sharing the stares.

by Alicia on RENELIF Advanced

I am a mother of three and I also go to work six days a week. So you see I hardly have time for myself, yet I still have to look good for my husband and my profession. Renelif has saved me trips to the skin therapist. I can now use the time to focus on other issues. I am a 36 year old mom, but I feel like a newly married 22 year old.

by Kevin D. on RENELIF Advanced

My girlfriend was very excited when I got her the device. She says it works many times better. I cannot agree more; she glows, the fine lines on her face have started to disappear and…I cannot get enough of her smooth skin.

by Aaron Rose on RENELIF Advanced

I really thank this anti-aging device, Renelif Advanced. My girlfriend has always been obsessed about her looks. Every time I would take her to spa treats, or a skin specialist, or buy her endless beauty creams for her face. I must say she was exhausting! But when I heard about Renelif Advanced, I thought this could be the solution to my problems, and it was.

by Charlotte on RENELIF Advanced

I recently visited my big sister and found out that she has been using this Renelif device to improve her facial look. I have never come across a machine that works that well. My sister started losing her elegant looks after she had her second baby. However, this machine seems to have changed things for the better for her. My sister now looks amazing! For the few weeks I’ve stayed with her, I had the chance to use the machine myself. I loved it so much but ofcourse she wouldn’t let me take it away. I therefore started saving so I could have mine.

by Teresa Watkins on RENELIF Advanced

If you have sensitive skin like myself and cannot use some chemical products, you are better off buying the RenelifAdvance. The beauty of this device is that it rejuvenates your skin mechanically rather than chemically as is with most anti-aging skin products. The dark days of getting skin reactions are over for me since I started using this device. Thank you Avologi for making this possible.

by Pauline Guerrero on RENELIF Advanced

Not very long ago my much older sister started getting injections to tighten up her skin, and it looked great, but after the effects had worn off, she would scare people away. Her skin was saggy, flaccid and a terrible sight to see. My family feared for her since at the rate she was using the injections; her skin would suffer permanent damage within a few years. We held an intervention for her and convinced her to look for alternative skin care treatment methods. Luckily, we stumbled upon the Renelif Advanced anti-aging device and bought it for her. Her skin has improved tenfold, and she claims she doesn't miss the injections. She even looks younger and happier.

by Baker Eva on RENELIF Advanced

So, it reaches a point in every woman's life when the skin begins to deteriorate. I am turning 62 years old later this year, and sadly my skin is not what it used to be like twenty or thirty years ago. Before I started using this anti-aging device, my facial skin was filled with unsightly wrinkles and enlarged pores. Now my skin is looking tight, supple and better than it ever has.

by Dolores Hill on RENELIF Advanced

I own the Renelif Advance and I must admit that I am a sucker for the sensation you get when it’s rejuvenating your skin. The feeling is so vivid that you can feel it correcting the wrinkle lines and enlarged pores across your skin. I have owned this Advance model for a few weeks now and I feel that my skin has really benefitted from this investment.

by Lucy on RENELIF Advanced

I genuinely feel an improvement in my skin after using this second generation Renelif. The appearance of my skin plays a huge role on how my day turns out. If I'm having a bad skin day, my confidence tanks and that ruins my whole day. After buying this anti-aging device, I no longer have to worry about having a bad skin day. This device keeps my skin in tip-top shape and that keeps my confidence level up, where I want it to be.

by Dorothy B. on RENELIF Advanced

For me, the Renelif Advance offers a great alternative to conventional skin care treatment methods. I have battled wrinkles, saggy eyes and enlarged pores for most of my middle life and this device has been the most kind to my skin. I am a private person and don’t like being in public places if I don’t have to. I love the fact that I can use it at home and don’t have to book an appointment at some spa.

by Janet R. on RENELIF Advanced

I learned about Avologi and its products a few months ago from my aunt who lives in L.A. My aunt and I are pretty close. I live in New York but we talk every other day, and so she kept pushing to try out Avologi’s anti-aging device. At first, I was reluctant, but after landing my dream job, I decided to spoil myself with a luxury item. I finally bought the Renelif Advance among other products from Avologi. After a few weeks of using the Advance model, I was surprised by its results on my skin. I couldn't be happier.

by Ida F. on RENELIF Advanced

If you are wondering how it feels to use an anti-aging device, stop wondering and buy yourself the Renelif Advance. Guaranteed, it will blow your mind.

by Johnson Sandra on RENELIF Advanced

I am a pretty conservative person. I would not describe myself as a curious person or an adventurous person but that being said, I care a great deal on how I look so I bought the Renelif Advanced and so far I have no regrets whatsoever. My skin looks rejuvenated, and I feel younger every day I use it. It was worth the money.

by Horton Yolanda on RENELIF Advanced

Amazing, Amazing product. I’ve been using the Renelif Advanced for a few days now and have noticed a significant reduction in the lines across my forehead. My skin appears more supple and vibrant thanks to this device.

by Maria on RENELIF Advanced

Over the years I have experimented with different skin care products, and I have never experienced quicker results as I did with the second generation Renelif. It corrected my black saggy under eyes in just one use. I could not believe it. So far, the Renelif advance is my favorite skin care device ever.

by Patsy L. on RENELIF Advanced

I am pretty much inseparable with the Renelif Advance. I like it because it offers a different option and also because you can use it from any location. You don’t have to go through the trouble of booking skin treatment appointments in spas.

by Lena on RENELIF Advanced

If you are tired of booking appointments with skin care professionals, a simple solution is to purchase the Renelif Advanced. Despite being a little pricey, this anti-aging device is worth the money since you will not have to go through the hassle of booking skincare appointments. And that's not all; the Renelif Advance is completely safe to operate from the comfort of your home. Myself, I like to use it while watching the evening news.

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