The Sculpting Roller


An exquisite V-Shaped sculpting roller for facial and body toning, contouring, firming, lifting, tightening and for lymphatic drainage.
Carefully cut into fine, praline -like shapes, each roller creates multiple pressure spots to gently lift and firm the delicate texture of the skin while stimulating the lymphatic flow
Made to replicate the kneading technique which is world- renowned for its therapeutic properties, which is commonly available at Aestheticians clinics.
The sculpting roller has a 360° multi-angle design that fits the very complex, yet delicate contours of the face and body.
The sculpting roller high standards can be found in the detail. Each sculpting device has the rollers separated by precisely 11mm to avoid discomfort while applying pressure.
This unique device promotes blood circulation, relieves muscle pain and fatigue, and promotes skin elasticity.
3D rollers and 360 degree design effectively rotates and works to restore skin firmness and is suitable for use on the cheeks, jawline, neck, décolletage and body.
The little sharpened area on the end of the handle can effectively stimulate the acupuncture points to help relax and ease fatigue.
Ergonomically designed and can be easily accommodate to work on different parts of the body. Easy grip, easy to use, no charging required, easy to clean and seemingly last forever

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